New information

Updated 4 April, 2019

Thank you to everyone who has RSVP’d. I hope the following answers any queries you may have. If we haven’t put anything up that you need to know, please email or phone 01386 244472.

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New information – 4 April 2019

Contact details for the day

If you need to get in touch for any reason on the day, the Bride and Groom probably won’t be available. Please contact either:

Groom: Billy McAlinden – 07508 342429

Bride: Claire’s mobile (but Claire won’t be answering!) – 07770 963178

New information – 30 March 2019


The Jinney Ring are happy for us to have biodegradable confetti if you wish to bring some along.

Bank account

We’ve been asked by many people where they can send money for our honeymoon. This is incredibly generous of you; thank you. Our honeymoon bank account is:

Sort code: 20-48-08    Account number: 83298671

Please would you put your name in the reference so we know who to thank? Or if you don’t wish to do this, please would you let us know some way that you have donated, even if you don’t tell us the amount? We are not keeping count of who donated and who didn’t, but we would dearly like to thank those who do.

Right… awkward bit over…!

Arrival update

Another thing we’ve been asked is when we would like you to arrive at the venue. The actual ceremony will start at 4pm, so we would ask that people are there from around 3.30pm so you can find your seats when Rob arrives. However, the bar will be open beforehand for you to get a drink and socialise, and don’t worry… you can take your drinks with you!

You will be able to see the marquee from the car park when you arrive. Please make your way there.

ducks There is a duckpond and lake at the Jinney Ring. Whilst we have been assured that there has never been anyone fall into the water, can we just point out that any children coming along are in charge of their own parents. There will be food available to feed the ducks if your little ones wish.


Dress code

We have been asked what we want you to wear… Most people seem to be coming in smart/casual or smart clothes; however, we just want you to be comfortable, so please come in what you will feel best in for the day. (This is a non-betazoid wedding ceremony so clothes are obligatory.)

Please note: we are having a barn dance for early evening entertainment, so make sure you wear something you can dance in (if you fancy a dance – not obligatory! Feel free just to stand at the side and laugh at the bride with her two left feet.)

There is a chance (weather depending) that the ceremony may be outdoors (it will be between 4.00 and 4.30). Please bring a warm coat just in case. Everything else will be in the marquee in the garden, with heaters!

Open mic

We have the opportunity for an open mic session after the speeches until the catering team are ready to dish up. You are welcome to add to any of the official speeches during this time to say whatever you wish (keeping it PG as we have children present!).

Can we just ask that you please keep your moment to no more than about 2 minutes to let other people share the love. If you want to let us know in advance that you’d like to say something, we can make sure you get the mic… otherwise it’ll be wherever the mic ends up!

Dietary requirements

For anyone who has told us of any specific dietary requirements, rest assured we have spoken to the caterers, who can accommodate you all. However, if you have any concerns, please get in touch (

On-the-day information

There will be a page put up the day before for emergency contact information, maps, etc. for the actual day as the bride and groom will be a bit busy doing other things (in different houses!). This will be a separate page, so please come back then if you need.